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There are two main ways that termites may come to infest your home (assuming they werent already there in the first place); from atmosphere and through the ground.

Even a drywood termite infestation typically takes place when an existing colony sends out flying termite swarmers. Once these swarmers find a wooden crevice in your home, they shed their wings, carve out a tiny nest, and begin laying eggs to start a brand new termite colony.

On the other hand, subterranean termites, whose colonies are underground, may enter your house through its foundations. As these termites forage for food, they could stumble upon a rich new food supply your home. Subterranean termites commonly build mud tunnels over foundation walls to access the wooden areas of the construction.

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Note: While you will find other species of termites, these are the two most common species responsible for the majority of the damage to individuals homes.

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One of the main reasons that termites can be so damaging is the time that many homeowners discover the infestation, acute damage has already been done. A termite infestation is similar to cancer; detect it early and chances are pretty good, catch it late and the treatment will be painful and intensive. .

Therefore, it is very important that you learn to spot the signs of a termite infestation. Keep a look out to the following:

If you find a swarm of winged termites near or around your house, theres a sure sign that a termite colony is nearby. Similar to winged ants, these winged termites are more likely to swarm around a light source. They also look rather similar,And the layperson will not be able to tell them apart. .

An Unbiased View of What The Best Termite Control Company

Termite swarmers dont keep their wings long. Once they shed their wings, they are in search of places to construct new nests.

If you notice small piles of discarded swarmers wings on areas like window sills, or caught in spider webs, then there may be a termite colony nearby; or one about to begin.

Mud tubes are little tunnels made by termites to transport meals back to their own colony. Source:

Subterranean termites construct mud tubes (sometimes known as guardian or foraging tubes) as links between their food source and their colony. All these are produced from soil, debris, and wood, and they help protect the colony against predators and conserve moisture.

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If you've got important link a subterranean termite infestation, you'll find these tubes at the foundations of your home or in its own substructure.

As subterranean termites eat through the wood of your dwelling, they create termite galleries. These are the empty spaces left in the wood as they burrow through it. Typically, termite galleries run parallel to the grain of the timber.

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Drywood termites leave behind their fecal droppings as they munch through the timber in your home. Their droppings, known as frass, are pellet-shaped, and seem like heavy grains of sand or sawdust. Should you find mounds of termite droppings in and around your house, you probably have a drywood termite infestation. .

Termites will eat your house from the inside out; thats exactly what makes them so insidious. A bit of wood could look absolutely normal on the outside but be completely infested with termites on the inside. If you suspect that a termite infestation at a certain place, tap or puncture the timber to find out whether its hollow.

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Coupled with other signs of termite infestation, swollen wooden floorboards can mean there is termite damage underneath them.

Termites enjoy dark and moist areas. Thats the reason why they live just below the surface of the wood and bring in moisture into their termite galleries. This moisture can often cause the wood to swell. If you have termites in your wooden floors, the floors will likely begin to swell. Likewise the moisture can also result in the paint on wooden surfaces to peel or bubble; especially if the termites have eaten all the way up into the paint layer. .

Since these signs are very similar to the signs of general water flows (since theyre either due to moisture), be sure to rule out any water leaks first. In case youve determined that water leaks are not the cause, you can inspect further by seeing whether the timber has become hollow.

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You might have noticed we left off termite mounds off this listing. Though stereotypical, not all why not try these out termite species build mounds. In reality, no North American termite species construct mounds; the ones that do originate mostly in Australia and Africa.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, termites cause $40 billion each year in damages worldwide and are responsible for destroying 600,000 houses in the United States annually. The overall annual cost of pest control and check over here damage repair in the United States is $2 billion. This does not include costs to the army from the Formosan termite (a subterranean species).

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